Theatrical Kismet

‪#kismet . Being in NYC’s @dramabookshop when @Newnatplayfest (where my play will be on) calls me. 😊‬


Growing Bigger in Place

Our parents built our cottage in 1962- an alternative to building a bomb shelter, a real choice during the Cold War. Our mother predicted my brother and I would sell it after her passing. She didn’t think we were interested, we took it so much for granted all our lives.

We kept the cottage, and the land it is on. Just this week, we were busy replacing a dock our parents installed in the past.

Easy to see what we took for granted. The trees that have stood stalwart, never moving, only growing bigger in place.

The trees are still there. We’re grateful for them now. They represent a piece of the earth we get to borrow while we are here, all because our parents had the foresight to buy the land the trees and the cottage are on, fifty-five years ago.

The Underground Railroad

From Colson Whitehead’s Pulitzer prize-winning #novel.


What did you get for that, for knowing the day you were born into the white man’s world? It didn’t seem like the thing to remember. More like to forget.

Cora… fell asleep.. sometimes so quickly she was like a candle being blown out.

“That evil soaks into the soil. Some say it steeps and gets stronger.”

The man moved with exquisite calm, like a leaf drifting on the surface of a pond, making its own way on gentle currents.

Sometimes a useful delusion is better than a useless truth.


Good #Words Well Written

Thank you Garth Greenwell  (What Belongs To You) for words and sentences like these….

“Love isn’t a matter of looking at someone, I think now, but also of looking with them, of facing what they face….”

“… I never felt it would summon the person I wanted him to be with me.”

“What would it mean to do enough, I wondered, as I had wondered before about that obligation to others that sometimes seems so clear and sometimes disappears altogether , so that now we owe nothing, anything we give is too much, and now our debt is beyond all counting.”