Boys with Cars

Great performance by Anita Majumdar in her play at YPT (Young People’s Theatre). The teenage characterizations were all too familiar for a high school teacher. (The show put me back in the zone for returning from March Break next week.) As someone who has done a one man show, I applauded the energy and focus of Majumdar, who, in each act,  never left the stage.

Wonderful discussion prompts in the program also. Boys With Cars

(Thanks to JG for the tickets!)

Even behind bars, it’s still Theatre

As I prepare for my latest high school production, (Romeo and Juliet), I am very aware of the following quotes, courtesy of Margaret Atwood in her latest, Hag-Seed, about a vengeful behind bars production of The Tempest (which I will be teaching soon- albeit not behind bars). True of any production, including high school…..

“Watching the many faces watching their own faces as they pretended to be someone else- Felix found it strangely moving. For once in their lives, they loved themselves.” (58)


“It still astonishes Felix the way everyone wants to get in on the act, once there is an act.” (76)


Buyer and Cellar

Quotable #quotes from Jonathan Tolins’s play.

She looked at me, searching my face for the slightest hint of sarcasm. But I wouldn’t let her find it.


BARBRA: Because in this world, especially when you’re a woman, nobody just gives you anything. Remember that.

ALEX: I will. Especially when I’m a woman.