Working on a script for possible school audience. Am aware of creating Anglo-Saxon names, knowing any of our diverse (Middle Eastern, Asian) students could play them. But the reverse? A Caucasian student playing someone named, say, Patel? In a production of Wilde’s “…Earnest”, a girl of Indian heritage played Gwendolyn (or Cecily?), complete with English accent. But a Caucasian student playing “Patel”? With accent? I’m not sure we’re there yet.


One thought on “#Diverse Characters

  1. The Caucasian Patel thing. It’s less about verisimilitude and more about power.
    You can’t unscramble the eggs of colonial rule. Being color-blind in favor of POC means recognizing that they are equally entitled to power, to be centre stage or to take a leading role. But to do a “reverse-Patel” (lol) would be an appropriation – no, worse, a nullification! And kind of meaningless, because any white boy writing a play with a character named “Patel” is de facto writing in some way about a POC. It HAS to be cast like that. Am I kicking a dead horse down the beach?



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