Manhattan subway observations, December Holiday break 2017:

Every subway ride has a confident individual, projecting their voice, pacing the car, asking for money for… in this case, a young man, sneakers and hoodie, declaims, to help the homeless who sleep in the subway tunnels. He carries bags of food (or says so). He asks for donations, then moves to a new car at the next stop.


  • A toothless guy reading a dog-eared Game of Thrones
  • Regular announcements about safety as you ride (“If you see something, say something.”) Riders noticeably use their devices. The last time I was there, there were posters warning you not to, due to thefts.
  • A chessplayer, playing on his ereader
  • Overheard, as we exit:

“Let other people off first, listen to what your Nana tells you. Just like yesterday…”

  • Sign in the subway: Sometimes Diamonds are not forever. (Divorce lawyer).

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