I wandered into a bookstore, and when I told them they were missing Anne Tyler’s best novel, they looked it up and told me it was being rereleased this Tuesday.

So I get to blog about one of my favourite novels. It made Nick Hornby want to write; it made me want to write also.

I’ll tell you enough to entice. Dinner at The Homesick Restaurant (1982) is about the Tulls, after the father leaves the family at the start of the book. The rest of the story is how they fare without him, with each member of the family (except for dad) advancing the story in cryptically titled chapters (“Teaching the Cat to Yawn”).

Son Ezra works at a local Baltimore restaurant and then takes it over. He renames it The Homesick Restaurant, where only one entree is served each night, just like at home, made with love.

Though I am tempted to tell where the book goes, amongst various aborted family dinners at Ezra’s cafe (at Thanksgiving and Christmas), I won’t. Suffice it to say the ending pays off very satisfyingly indeed.

My favourite quote:

“There ought to be a whole separate language for words that are truer than other words- for perfect absolute truth.”


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