DSC00486I’m a seasoned teacher- easily 15 years plus experience. Almost all of it has been with teenagers. I can believe I have to remind them once, twice, even four times about submission dates, minimum expectations of quality (like making sure your work is your own, not someone else’s)… but when I start losing count of the reminders for the same issue with a given student… I’m at a loss.

You’d think it wouldn’t bother me. That I would have come to expect it. I know all about the prefrontal cortex being underdeveloped for adolescents. It’s just that it seems to remain underdeveloped for the entire time I teach some students. I am always pleased to run into them later in life, and indeed, they present as sane adults, and the behaviour that drove us both nuts is now a distant, hopefully humourous memory.

Meanwhile, in the moment, I will count to ten and breathe before I dole out the latest reminder, knowing in advance, I may or may not get the respect that I not only hope for, but still expect.


One thought on “You’d Think I’d Learned My Lesson

  1. Even I can’t believe how lazy this generation has become when it comes to their education. When I was at that age, students like us wouldn’t be able to get away with that kind of crap. I had to work hard and stressful to get into university, but it just seems like they’re just getting a slap on the wrist, and that’s the extent of their punishment. Why do teachers have to put up with this?


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