Fitness silhouette women in exercise gym work out on treadmill, bike, and barbells.

So let’s call this notes towards a character. I certainly don’t typify all women I see at the gym in the following way. Let me try for some characteristics. Between 40-50 years of age. Hair colour varies- blonde, brunette… sometimes in a ponytail, sometimes shoulder length. Outfits range from hoodies to form-fitting gear. Some are lipsticked, made up, some are not. (Most are sweating, like everyone.) What links them is the energy they give off. Angry? Intense? Severe? Hard? They also seem to know each other, and many of the guys who are regulars. Does this “type” exist, or having seen it once, am I looking for it?


One thought on “Gym Women

  1. Many years ago I joined a fitness club. I was partial to the treadmill so could be found there several times a week. I remember one day in particular. A young lady hopped onto the treadmill beside me and started her routine.

    Within a few minutes I heard words I thought were only spoken in B movies – “Do you come here often?” Of course, being an older fellow I did not think this was being aimed at me. But it was repeated with a soft “excuse me, how is your workout going?”

    I replied as best I could, being an older fellow dealing with the respiratory reality of the treadmill. She launched into a monologue about her routine, her family, friends, job, etc. All of which was a relief since talking wasn’t required.

    It took me several minutes to realize I was being picked up!! She was on the prowl and had targeted me. She was much younger than me so I didn’t think this was what was actually happening. While flattering of course, all I could think of was how to escape! (old guy)

    I simply said “see ya” and moved on to another machine (by the change rooms in case she followed me). That was the end of it and I did spot her talking up another guy, this one more age appropriate.

    Your post reminded me of this incident in that she was not the only young thing there on the hunt. Perhaps this is another type?


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