$_35My current reading is Young Renny by Mazo De La Roche. It’s a soapy, Canadian melodrama from the 1930’s, one of 16 novels about the Whiteoaks of Jalna- a Canadian family epic.

Is the content relevant to something I am writing? No? Is it any good? As pure entertainment, sure. So why spend the time?

Nostalgia. It takes me back to 1972, when the CBC miniseries The Whiteoaks of Jalna aired. It also wasn’t very good (try to find it on dvd, or youtube) but it was ambitious.

Nostalgia is as motivating a factor to do something- like visiting your childhood home, or in this case, reading something- as loftier goals (like improving one’s writing, or expanding one’s knowledge). Even something as soapy as Young Renny has its importance, small though it may be.


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